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Power Of The Journey (Kofi Interview)

FMKN 10 | Power Of The Journey


Join us for an exclusive journey into the world of luxury real estate with Kofi Nartey, a true luminary in the field with over 18 years of experience representing distinguished buyers and sellers. Kofi is the go-to broker for celebrities, prominent sports figures, and affluent clients across the globe. In this podcast, we delve into Kofi’s journey, the intricacies of luxury real estate, and how he blends bespoke client services, cutting-edge technology, and global real estate reach. Kofi also shares his insights on achieving work-life balance in a demanding industry and how to recognize the untapped potential in people, whether you’re a professional striving for equilibrium or a leader looking to inspire your team. Discover Kofi Nartey’s secrets to thriving in luxury real estate, fostering personal growth, and achieving the perfect work-life balance. Whether you’re an aspiring real estate professional, a high-net-worth individual, or simply curious about the world of luxury property, this podcast is your ultimate guide to the opulent side of real estate and the art of unlocking human potential. So, let’s join Kofi on the Power of We Podcast with Nicole and Samantha!

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Power Of The Journey (Kofi Interview)

Kofi’s Learnings From His Journey As Shared On The “Power Of We” Podcast

Welcome back to the show. Hopefully, you folks are enjoying the journey and staying on top of your full mogul journey. In this episode, I’m doing something a little bit different. I was invited to be interviewed on the Power of WE! and we had such a great conversation about my journey and some of my experiences about unlocking and unleashing potential that I wanted to share it with you here. If you’re following that show already, you’ll read it, but I wanted to make sure that Mogul Nation had a chance to read what was a very fun and dynamic interview. Share it, read it, learn something from it, give me your feedback from it, and let’s continue on this full mogul journey. Without further ado, here I am on the Power of We.

I’m so excited about our guest. He’s a leading authority on luxury real estate. Kofi Nartey is the go-to broker for celebrities, prominent sports figures, and affluent clientele around the globe and the leader of Globl Red, a private real estate firm with billions of dollars in sales. Kofi has many years of experience representing elite buyers and sellers of distinguished properties. He regularly appears on national television and in print media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and many more. Most importantly, he was a featured agent on HGTV Selling LA and made lots of appearances on million-dollar listings.

Prior to Global Red, Kofi was the Founder and National Director of Compass Sports and Entertainment Division, where he recruited and led the nation’s only true group of vetted sport in entertainment specialists for four years. He previously served as the Director of the Sports and Entertainment Division for the boutique firm The Agency and was a top producer for Keller Williams. Kofi’s experience with both boutique and national real estate firms has helped him achieve the perfect balance of bespoke client services, cutting-edge technology, and global real estate reach. Welcome, Kofi.

Thank you.

I’m so excited you’re on because, seriously, when I listen to you, you’re so positive. I see you at events, and you have this light that shines through you that you want to help others.

Part of my mission in life is to leave it all on the field and the Earth. I have what I call Kofi-isms or some of my life philosophies. One of my kofi-isms is we have a responsibility during our lifetime to realize all of our God-given gifts and share them with the world.


FMKN 10 | Power Of The Journey


That’s so powerful.

What would you say your three God-giving gifts are?

I didn’t prep for three, but I will say that sharing from your gifts. One of my gifts is unpacking and deciphering information and making it accessible to people where I can take complex information and complex concepts and relay that information to people in a way that is informative but also aspirational and inspirational. If you’re not inspired to take action, then you won’t.

That’s so true.

In a way people understand, and you’re good at doing that.

What age did this start at?

It’s still ongoing.

I know, but you must have thought about this when you were young or maybe a few years ago. You’re like, “I’m not just about selling real estate. There’s so much more to me.” Where did that come from inside of you?

At a certain point in life, you realize or you’re forced into realizing that there’s so much more to you because most people aren’t born to do exactly what they’re doing. They’re maybe elite athletes or people who have physical gifts that they can then hone, specialize, and become experts to become amazing, but in general, most people have 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 careers in life. When you go through those transitions and those phases, each time, you unlock another version of yourself.

You build on what you’ve learned from the previous experience, then you enhance it going into the next experience, but at a certain point, I realized I like sharing, teaching, and inspiring, and things that impact people’s lives and change people’s lives. When I got into real estate, there were moments, even in dealing with clients, but more importantly in helping to train other agents, when I realized that I could impact and influence their lives in a positive way.

You have this a major office and company now. Do you have a lot of new agents coming in?

It’s a very interesting time now. The real estate market is a little bit in flux. It’s a time in the industry when the cream is rising to the top. The people who are doubling down on their skills, their education and the things and tools that they have to service their clients are making it through this wonky period of time.

How do you see the market different from this time compared to the past year?

It’s different. We’re seeing such a lack of inventory, especially in the LA market. Certain markets are different than others. I’d say months ago, the big challenge was interest rates, but buyers come to grips with the interest rate.

It is crazy because I bought a house at 6.5%. People think like, “Have you lost your mind?”

Historically, 6.5% is a still when we think about rates that were 18% and 20%. Part of the reason we have a low inventory is because they don’t want to sell. They’re married to their rate. Either they got into one of those 3% rates or 2.8% or 2.9%, or they refinanced into it, and now they want to hold on to that.

That’s so true. It’s so funny when we think about the rate or what’s going on in the market or pandemic. You think, “This is what’s going to happen.” There are two ways we can go. We can choose to take the higher road and go, “Whatever is happening now, I’m going to keep going, use my skills, and do what I got to do to get to the top,” or you can sit and be in fear.

You use it as an excuse.

When I was in a pandemic, I did not give a shit. I did my thing, and I kept going. It sounds like that’s what you do. It’s cool because you’re teaching your people to use tools, which is now, you have to use tools.

You hit the nail on the head. I have a podcast as well. I’ll share a little bit more about that as we go. In those moments, I describe it as being in a hole of desperation or a hole of preparation. Are you in a hole of desperation or a hole of preparation? Inevitably, we’re human. We’re going to have that emotion of, “Damn. This is bad. This is a challenge. Holy whatever.” The length of that feeling or emotion should be abbreviated if you’re empowering yourself with positive thoughts to say, “Now it’s time to transition into preparation for what it’s going to be like when I get out of this hole.”

Listen to what he’s saying. He’s freaking amazing. That is exactly it. I want to take that saying. You were at The Agency. One of my best friends worked for Mauricio. They have taken their branding and gone crazy. They’re a great company. You got to learn a lot from them and went off and did your own thing. How amazing is that?

I was there several years ago.

They were different then.

I was with Keller Williams at the time and built my own brand within Keller Williams and Mauricio Umansky, who started at The Agency. We met a few times through the industry. I ran to him in an open house, and he said, “Let’s grab lunch.” We grab lunch, and he says, “I’m getting ready to launch something new. I’m getting ready to leave where I am, create a new firm, and want to have you come on board and do what you’re doing with us.” I did. Within months of their launching, I joined. That was in the first year, and I was there for a few years in Beverly Hills in a little office that they had.

With Billy Rose. We used to stage for all of them when they first started.

To be honest, it was a fun time. When you’re in startup mode anywhere, it’s fun. I shared an office with Mike Lee Park, who is the Head of Development, and Jonathan Ruiz.

I love him. Jonathan, if you’re reading, we love you.

Those are almost like dorm days. We’re all in this shared office, growing, building, and seeing the company grow. One thing that they did a good job of, especially early on, was the branding. You look even at how they’ve expanded and grown. It was about the branding. At a certain point, they asked me to help manage an office. It was fun to help them grow and see them grow.

At what moment did you decide that you wanted to start your own agency?

There are always moments when decisions are made by either a push or a pull. You’re being pushed away from something or being pulled towards another opportunity. At a certain point, I realized, for my own growth, that we’re going to be limitations where I was. I wanted to expand beyond those limitations. The Agency had grown to that point. They hadn’t franchised at that point. They hadn’t grown nationally the way they were national, but I knew that there were some limitations here.

Point blank, you’re a teacher. You needed to do your own thing.

I needed to do my own thing. I was approached by Compass at that time. They were very new. They only had about 40-something agents in all of California. They approached me about helping launch and run a national sports and entertainment division. At that point, I’d been focused on sports and entertainment clients. It was always about 50% of my business because I played sports. I also did acting for years, so I had a lot of sports and entertainment contacts. That’s part of what I helped do at The Agency as well. I went over to Compass, rolled up my sleeves, and helped launch a true national sports and entertainment division.

That’s incredible. I used to speak on Steve Shull. I remember Santiago was on it, and I forget the guy’s name, the one that started Compass.

Robert Reffkin.

I had no idea who it was, and now look at him. He’s freaking huge. I was like, “If I should know.”

It’s the same thing. I remember the lunch that I had with Mauricio. It was a small, quiet lunch. He told me about it and wanted me to join. The same thing happened with Reffkin. We had a little sushi lunch in a quiet sushi place. He said, “Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s where I am and what we’re building.” I ended up getting on board with them, but the same thing happened. A certain amount of time goes by, and it’s time to grow and expand. Finally, it was time to launch out and do my own thing.

What’s important is what you’re reading is we’ve been around a while. Kofi took his life, was serious about it, and showed how good he could do things. That’s why you got here where you are now.

Also, what I took from that is using the connections and networking, even taking lunch with someone. You never know what could happen by meeting as many people as you can and being open to the possibilities.

A lot of people are shy when it comes to networking. You wouldn’t believe it, but that’s one of the things. I pushed the girls. I have networking events. Even though there are sales stylists, they are shy.

I’ll give you something about that. I recorded an episode on networking, but as you’re talking about that, something else hit me. The shy people have the greatest advantage in networking, and I’ll tell you why. One of the keys to networking is listening. If you can just open up the conversation to get the other person talking and get them talking as much as possible, 1) Your shyness is great because it saves you from over-talking. 2) You get to learn a lot about them. 3) They feel heard. Most of the time in society now, people don’t feel heard. 4) They’ll like you for that. Tell them. Your shyness is a gift. What you need to do is learn how to create conversation, be lovable, and laugh. Learn how to ask questions to keep them talking.

I love that. We should play that for our team.

Do you have three people you look up to in life?

Maybe one.

There’s a lot of people that I look up to. I had to take a different approach, even mentorship within my business and industry because I didn’t have mentors coming up in the industry. I didn’t have guidance. I had to read books and read things online. The books became my mentors. You ask what my gifts are. One of my gifts is seeing potential in people. That’s another one.

I can see potential in people and gifts in people. I can see it no matter who you’re talking to, somebody who’s just starting, who’s way ahead of you, or who’s retired. If you listen the right way, there’s something to learn from every single person you encounter. If you listen and you watch what they’re doing, you can find their gift. Even at the highest level of excellence, there’s usually a little bit of crazy involved.

Sometimes, we’re distracted by the crazy and we miss the gift. When I look at who are my people I look up to, I look up to different people for different things. I shared on one of my episodes that I use these hacks in life to remember how to stay dialed in on the things that I’m doing. I gave myself a name for a couple of years. That name was Kofi Kobama Jordartey Wallausk. Kofi Kobama Jordartey Wallausk was an aggregation of all the people that I looked up to for different reasons. Kofi is my name. Ko in the Kobama was Kobe Bryant because he had the mamba mentality. I love that part of Kobe. Obama because he had a calmness in the way he approached things. In the highest level of stress, he had a calmness. Jordartey Wallausk, so Michael Jordan.

Artey is part of my last name, Nartey. Wallausk was from William Wallace from Braveheart because I thought he was such a dynamic warrior, philosopher, and lover. The usk at the end was Elon Musk, who I don’t like as a person, but he’s one of the most ambitious people that’s out there. Nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream. I took a little bit from each person and used it in the moments of my life when I needed to use those aspects of their personalities.

That’s great. Let’s dive in a little deeper. You have that. My readers are like, “How do I do that?” Did you write it on a piece of paper and write out all the positives for each one of those people to get it into your body?

It’s a pretty easy exercise because it’s pretty easy to identify something you like out of an individual person. It’s hard to find one person that captures everything that you like. It’s hard to find that one model to say, “I love everything about what they’re doing.” Even the name of my show is the Full Mogul Podcast. Full Mogul is the highest and best version of yourself across all aspects of yourself.

Elon Musk is an example. He’s not a full mogul to me. He’s a mogul, but he’s not a full mogul because he’s not a great dad and husband. The other buckets aren’t right. If you can look at even some of the people that you follow on a show, whose books you read or shows you watch, look at them for what aspects of them you want to emulate. You can leave the other parts that you don’t like to the side. Leave those parts behind.

I like that because it’s hard to find someone that you are like, “I like this coach for this reason.” I’m noticing that I’m using different types of coaches for different parts of my life, and it has changed the game for me, honestly. I’m all about coaching. It’s the best thing ever, watching some of the young generation start coaching and how they’re taking off. That’s why I’ve been bringing in coaches for my team.

It’s the same thing that I’ve taken away from my experiences with different brokerages, being even honest about my experience with The Agency. There were things that I liked about The Agency and things that I would never do that I saw at The Agency. When I look at a leader like Mauricio, he’s superpower is charisma. It’s a superpower. Even somebody like Robert Reffkin, his superpower is focus. He was focused on taking the company to a certain place, and he held that focus. Again, there are things about each of them that I would never emulate and in the ways that they build that I would never emulate. Those things, it’s easy to identify and extract things from.

Since you’re all about the full mogul lifestyle, I feel like that encompasses work-life balance.

There’s no such thing as work-life balance. This is another Kofi philosophy. If you haven’t heard it on my show, you’re going to hear it on this show now. There is no such thing as work-life balance because the word balance implies that everything is equal at all times. Everything is never equal in life. If you are pursuing a work-life balance, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. What we should be striving for is work-life-peace. At any given point, you need to be at peace with where the different levels of your different buckets are. For example, I might have to work extra long on a Monday or Tuesday, but guess what? I met my kids at a soccer game on Saturday. I might have to call at halftime of that soccer game, but guess what? I’m at the game.

I’m at peace wherever those things are. I may not get to work out 3 or 4 times a week, but I worked out two times, and the third time was better. Nothing worked out, so I kept the momentum. I met peace with my workouts for that week. It’s not balanced, but I’m at peace with it. When you look at those different buckets of your life, if you can catch things before they get to redlining, that’s the key. You don’t want anything to be at such a deficit that your health is going bad, your relationships are going bad, or your business is suffering. Catch things before the red line, and you’ll be at peace as you move forward.

You don't want anything that your health, relationships, and business suffers. Catch things before the red line, and you'll be at peace as you move forward. Click To Tweet

That was seriously the most powerful thing I’ve heard in all the episodes. That’s freaking amazing. That is so important because we work hard. She’s trying to figure out a work-life balance.

Bringing that word peace into it, I’m okay with how much I’m working. If I’m doing stuff like taking a walk or going to the gym, as long as it feels right for me, then that’s great.

That’s seriously the best thing I’ve heard, honestly.

My work here is done.

Tell us about your show. We can’t wait to hear about it.

I launched the Full Mogul Podcast. You can go to FullMogul.com and you can see the episodes we’ve released so far. I say we because I’ve had my wife on a few times. You know my wife.

She’s a beautiful human.

Thank you. My goal there was to speak to that pursuit of the highest and best version of yourself across all aspects of yourself. Not just a mogul, but a full mogul. We cover all kinds of things. Some of the episodes I do by myself. We’ve talked about everything from being excellent to daily habits. We had one on haters. We did one called It’s About Always Winning. We did that one, which was fun. I did one call For My Fellas to talk about things that men deal with because men deal with different things in society and aren’t given that same space to express the challenges that we have. It’s been a fun journey so far.

You’re diving into something that I want to hear about. Now that women are becoming big entrepreneurs, it’s different. I feel like it’s hard for some men, and it’s hard to find a women-man relationship. What do you think about what I’m saying?

I touched on it a little bit in that episode. It’s a little different for me because I’ve been married for many years. It’s a challenge now because of what you’re talking about finding someone who’s goals, visions, and approach to a relationship align with yours. It requires a new level of both flexibility but also knowing yourself. When you’re going into a situation or a relationship, you know yourself enough to create room for somebody else. It’s when you’re uncertain about things that other ideas make you nervous. It’s the same thing with insecurity. If you’re insecure, then other things feel like a threat.

People who have nothing to do with you feel like a threat. If you’re secure, then you’re not worried about it. I can have 100 people come up to you and say, “No, your name is this. Your name is that.” I know what my name is. There’s no insecurity or doubt about that. It’s the same thing with other ideas in life as it relates to relationships, but it’s still a challenge. My younger brother is dating as an example. He’s Millennial, but similar to me, he’s about chivalry. He’s about opening doors and paying for things. He’ll go on a date, and the woman’s like, “I don’t need you to do this. I don’t need you to do that because I’m independent.”

It’s looked at in a different way now.

On the second date, he’s like, “Let’s go Dutch,” and they’re like, “What happened to chivalry?”

They’re like, “Why aren’t you opening my door? Why aren’t you paying my check?” I get it.

It’s an interesting space to navigate. I should be asking you.

As a woman, I’ve always wanted to be able to take care of myself. That’s why. I work so hard. I never want to have to rely on a guy necessarily because, for me, even if someone has a lot of money, I just want to have that security in myself and know everything will be okay. When you go on a first date, there are two sides. It’s like either the guy pays, and you look at them as, “They’re chivalrous and they’re good person,” but now it’s more looked as, “He’s trying to sleep with me, or he wants something from me.” I’m going to put my car down, too, so you don’t think anything’s going to happen. That’s just the truth.

It’s interesting.

That’s why it’s hard to know. For me, it’s a little different because I’m good at reading people. I can tell what someone is by their energy, but people out there who aren’t into energy or watch too much TV like social media projects that nature. It’s hard to cipher.


FMKN 10 | Power Of The Journey


That’s insightful. That’s helpful for me because I’m raising a daughter too. She’s going to be dating maybe twenty years from now.

I don’t know about twenty years.

At 35, she can start dating. When she starts dating at 40, she’s going to be dealing with these things. It brings me back to an African proverb that I’ve related to life and business, but I never thought about it for relationships. It’s, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I think about opening up your life to somebody else to be able to experience a greater life and go further in life. As you discussed, you want to have that independence, do things yourself, and take care of yourself. It’s great, but there are certain parts of it, and maybe you can relate as well, Sam, that you don’t want to have to always do.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Click To Tweet

You want someone that’s chivalrous and opens the door. That’s why I am with who I’m with because I love opening the doors. Women CEOs like me always have a hard time expressing what they need. The other person might not be a CEO, or they could be a billionaire, but it doesn’t matter about that. What matters is it comes back to their heart and what they want.


FMKN 10 | Power Of The Journey


Also, being able to build something with someone, as you were saying, like having that partner to build something with. I feel like it’s a whole other episode. It goes down to your childhood.

We love you. You’re so good.

We can talk about anything.

This is good. We like to talk about it all.

What was your favorite client to work with? It sounds like you’ve done so much. You’ve been in business for a long time. What was one of your favorite stories?

I’ll give two stories, two people, a client that I have now. Her name is Jennifer Farrell. She’s an amazing celebrity interior designer. We’re on our fifth deal together. She and her husband and me and my wife have become lifers. We’re friends for life at this point. I’m selling a property for her now in Calabasas. 24520 Dry Canyon Cold Creek, check it out, please. She’s been a joy to work with because her attention to detail on the properties that she creates is amazing.

It’s cool to work with people where you get to see their gifts in action. She’ll take a property, walk through a property that’s dilapidated and old, and see a vision but be able to bring that vision to life. That’s a skill. It’s not even having ideas, but it’s the action and execution of ideas that make you great. That’s what makes her great, and she wants to get results.

I even feel encouraged, pushed, and motivated to get the results for her. I love working with her. She’s a favorite client. My other favorite client experience was probably Michael Jordan, to be honest. When I was with the agency, I had a chance to represent the Jordan estate. I went out there with Mauricio. They hired us then I took the reins from there and flew back out by myself. I did all these marketing and created these videos that were many commercials that went viral.

At the time, they were the most watched real estate videos of all time, with over fourteen million views across the internet. They had me on TMZ and different news channels. What’s great about that experience is I ended up leaving The Agency. The listing stayed with them, and they lost it because I’d been running points on all of it. Nonetheless, I didn’t sell the house, but it was a great experience. I look at the word FAIL as an acronym to Find All Important Lessons.

It was one of my greatest “failures” in my real estate career because it put me on a national map. It gave me an opportunity to show my gifts and talents in creating these videos that went viral. Everybody knows Michael Jordan. I built sports and entertainment as my niche at that point. It confirmed that I was the guy, and it was a great learning experience. Sometimes, we look at things that we’ve done or things that we haven’t been able to do as failures. Sometimes, those failures are the things that propel us forward to greater opportunity.

I agree with you. Being where I am now, it’s not from everything going smoothly. I’ve almost lost my company a few times during the pandemic, the kids were off their rockers for a minute, and I’ve learned so much from that I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I will double down on what you said because this is important for entrepreneurs in particular. Entrepreneurs and CEOs like yourself are extremely ambitious. “I almost lost my company multiple times,” is what you said. Sometimes, people don’t realize that to break through to greatness and the highest levels of success, not just, “I did a good job,” you will face the brink of failure multiple times.

I had to give myself grace by hearing people like yourself by reading the stories of Richard Branson crying when he sold Virgin Records because that was his baby. He was a multi-millionaire, if not a billionaire, at that point, but he faced so many challenges. He’s been getting that deal done to having to borrow money from this person. The same thing with Elon Musk. Fortunately, he had rich friends and was able to borrow $30 million to make payroll that month, but he was on the brink of failure multiple times, not even once, and being able to fight through to persevere to get to where you are now to be able to keep fighting and keep going.

When you’re in those moments when you’re feeling that, you have to also recognize that there’s something right about what I’m doing because I’m feeling extremely challenged. This is a difficult road. This isn’t easy. I’ve been kicked in the teeth, but you have to be able to keep fighting through. People reading this, if you’re reading the words that we’re saying, these kinds of things are what help you.

Two things get to occupy the same space at the same time. When you have those negative thoughts, you need positive ideas and concepts to combat those challenges. Sometimes, we throw away statements because it’s part of our lived experience and natural experience, but there’s so much gravity in the statement that you made.

When you have negative thoughts, you need positive ideas. Click To Tweet

I feel like I’m getting coached all over again. You have been so incredible. I have learned so much. What about you, Nicole? I had no idea we were in that magazine together.

When I heard you on the panel of Woman in a Real Estate Event, I was so inspired to listen to you talk next to me. I was like, “I need to talk to him more.”

You have inspired the sun. Thank you so much.

We’ve laughed and cried.

You did it. Thank you so much. You’ve honestly been amazing. I can’t wait. I want to make sure that you’re at the Soiree because that is a great event. It’s on June 30th, 2023, and we’ll be posting about it. Keep in touch. Your show sounds amazing. If you guys want to get ahold of Kofi, how do we do it?

You can find me on social media on Instagram. It’s @Kofi_Sellebrity. That’s the name of my book as well, Sellebrity.

People are listening to you and looking up to you. Do you hire? How can they get a hold of you to come to work at your company? Do you have training? What is your company all about? They always go, “Who should we go to?” There are eight zillion companies. I know all the people, and I want to hear you tell them why.

We’re on the verge of opening up our hiring again. We did a little hiring round at the top of the year, and we’re about a month away from opening it up to expand even further. They can go to our company website, which is GloblRed.com. There’s a tab there for joining the firm. Put your information in. It’s all confidential. I know a lot of people want to have a confidential conversation first.

This is the approach that I take, even in our weekly team meetings. It’s a full mogul approach. It’s 70% real estate but 30% life and why we’re doing it and the mentality around why we’re doing it. We want to expand that to touch more agents because the more agents that we can touch with this approach to the industry, the greater the impact we can have on this industry. This is an industry where we’re fortunate enough to touch people, usually one of their biggest transitional points of life.

The more agents we can touch with this approach to the industry, the greater the impact we can have on this industry. Click To Tweet

One of my philosophies in how we do business is we want to bring inspirational excellence. If you do what we do at an excellent level, meaning everything from the contract, negotiation, engagement, and to the follow-up with our clients, but we do it with the right amount of energy and inspiration where they’re drawn to working with us, then we win.

That’s incredible. We’re stagers, so the girls are out all the time. They’re like, “Do you have an agent or a favorite agent? Do you have this? Do you have that? I want to change careers.” A lot of agents come and try to be stagers. Either they have it, or they don’t. It is for Nicole to tell our team, “This is another good company to go for.” I love how you bring life into it because I didn’t start my staging company for money. I didn’t. I started it to show them that you can do anything you want.

I want to start you guys out for doing this because, a lot of times, especially agents who not only are just starting but have been in the business for a long time, they need reminders. Business people need reminders. Also, doing a prayer before we start it. That’s amazing. It’s centering and brings you to the right place. It lets me know that you’re coming from a place of wanting to give, even from God’s light. What you guys are doing, just keep doing it.

Thank you.

As I said, when you’re giving a gift, you don’t run out, but there are no words wasted when you’re coming from the right place. I appreciate you guys having me on.

Thank you so much for coming on.

This has been incredible. Thank you, folks. We are so happy to have had this amazing show. Stay tuned.


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