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Full Mogul: An Introduction + 5 Tips For Starting Your Journey

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Want to get valuable stories, tips, and advice on unlocking success in business and in life? you’re in the right place! This is the Full Mogul podcast with Kofi Nartey.  A leading authority on luxury real estate, Kofi is the go-to broker for celebrities, prominent sports figures, and affluent clientele around the globe. Today, he shares 5 tips for starting your full mogul journey. Stay tuned and be on your first step to becoming a full mogul!

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Full Mogul: An Introduction + 5 Tips For Starting Your Journey

What Is Full Mogul

Welcome to the Full Mogul Podcast, where I will share valuable stories, tips, and advice on unlocking success in business and life. This podcast is the answer to your relentless pursuit of the best version of yourself across all aspects of becoming a full mogul across all aspects of your life. First, let’s define full mogul. Full mogul, as a verb, is the relentless pursuit of the best version of yourself across all aspects of your life. Full mogul, as a noun, is one who pursues the best version of themselves across all aspects of your life.

Let’s talk a little bit about the origins of this and how I came up with full mogul as a phrase or as a term. It was about the pursuit of not just the best business version of Kofi, of not just the best physical version of Kofi, not just the best dad version of Kofi, but how I find the best pursuit and the best version of myself across all of those aspects of my life.

I’ll give you an example. I’ve met people who are great business leaders, and they’re terrible parents. I’ve met people who are great parents, but they let their health and their fitness go, or they’re sacrificing their jobs or work. How do we go full, not just becoming a mogul, but a full mogul where all aspects of your life are exceeding, pursuing, approaching that highest and best potential that you have for those aspects of your life? That’s what this show is about.

This is my first entrée into podcasting, so I’m jumping right in. I was supposed to start this a few weeks back, but I was trying to find my podcast feet. Forgive me. Podcast 1 versus podcasts 10, 15, and 20 are probably going to be totally different, totally better. It’s going to grow over time. It’s going to get much better as we go, but I had to get started. Maybe that’s lesson number one for all of us is you’ve got to get started. Whatever it is you’re pursuing, you’ve got to jump right in. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s never going to be teed up as perfect, but if you don’t get started, you’re never going to get to the place where you want to be and where you deserve to be.

Who Is Kofi Nartey?

My name is Kofi Nartey. I’m going to be your guide on this Full Mogul journey, but I’m not going to be the only guide. I’m also going to interview highly successful people in business, sports, entertainment and more, who are also on their full mogul journeys. Lastly, you’re also a guide. Your feedback, ideas, and interaction with our Full Mogul community will round out our collective sharing.

Today is just about an introduction to the podcast, and then I’m going to give you five tips for starting your Full Mogul journey. First, a little background about myself. I’m the Founder and CEO of Global Real Estate and Development, known as Globl RED. We’re a private real estate firm based here in Beverly Hills that does luxury real estate in Southern California, as well as commercial real estate development projects throughout the Americas, and also sports and entertainment real estate across the country and sometimes around the globe.

Prior to this, I launched and ran the National Sports and Entertainment Division for Compass, which was a huge passion project for me at the time, as well as management stints at the agency, boutique real estate firm, and Keller Williams before that. I’m also a not-so-silent partner in a marketing and branding agency. I’ve always said if I didn’t do real estate, I would be focused on creative marketing and branding as I’ve got an extra creative bone in my body that always needs to get exercised.

I also sit on several advisory boards. I’ve given talks and training on topics including marketing, branding, leadership, real estate, business strategy, effective goal setting, and more. Prior to getting my MBA and these business pursuits, I was also an actor for ten years. I never made it big. I never made it to a household name, but I worked a lot. I met a lot of amazing people, and I’m going to be sharing some of those stories as well.

Before acting, I completed my undergraduate degree at Berkeley Cal, where I also played football as a wide receiver, and that culminated in a shot with the Oakland Raiders. Now, they are the Las Vegas Raiders. I’m dating myself a little bit, but with dating myself comes experience, so it’s all good. Let’s jump right in. Injuries cut my sports career short, as it has for many, but the connections that I made and the lessons that I’ve learned from that serve me to this very day. You’re going to get a lot of sports and entertainment stories, and we’re going to get a lot of tools and tips from my sports and entertainment experience, things that have worked for me that hopefully will work for you.


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I’m going to pause for a second because I think it’s important to give you guys my very first Kofi-ism. Kofi-isms are things that I’ve learned. I’m like a 10% philosopher. As any entrepreneur who reads a lot, studies a lot, and listens to a lot of podcasts, you start to have your own philosophies that derive from all the information that you’ve gleaned.

The first one that I have is to listen with selfish ears. This is relevant to the podcasting world. If you’re listening to a podcast, some of the information is going to be great, some of it is going to be entertaining, some of it seems like it has nothing to do with your life. If you listen with selfish ears, you listen for the things that resonate with you, your business, your life, your parenting, whatever it is you’re pursuing, and can convert those things into action items right away, then you’re winning. That’s what listening with selfish ears is all about.

I’ve had a long stint of going to conferences of hearing people speak. I can attend a three-day conference now, and there might be one thing that one person says in one minute of a speech that changed my business. I’m hoping to do the same for you with the podcast that I’m sharing. It might be that one tool or even hearing something in a different way that changes your life.

At the end of the day, for me, I’ve won, I’ve lost, I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed, but I’ve converted failing into an acronym, FAIL, Fina All Important Lessons. Like Michael Jordan once said, “I never lost a game. I just ran out of time.” I’ve got some good Jordan stories for you too. Life and business are really like a game. It’s a game that requires strategy, perseverance, consistency, excellence, and commitment. As long as we stay committed, as long as we stay in the game, we will ultimately win.

Life and business are like a game that requires strategy, perseverance, consistency, excellence, and commitment. As long as we stay committed and stay in the game, we will ultimately win. Click To Tweet

One of my best clients had a great conversation with UFC fighter Chuck Liddell. Chuck told him, “If I have enough energy to tap out, I have enough energy to find a way out.” That is so important, especially as we struggle through life and some of the challenges, and some of these challenges beat us down. Some of these moments beat us down. Some of these seasons beat us down. If you have enough energy to tap out, to check out, to form your mouth to say the words, “I quit,” you also have enough energy to get back in the game, to figure out a way out to say, “I won’t quit.” That’s part of what the journey is about.

Achieving success across multiple aspects of your life is a difficult undertaking. I’m also a husband, a father, I’ve got two amazing kids. Sometimes you may think you’re not living up to your potential. It can feel frustrating with the slow pace of reaching your goals or setbacks. This negative mindset can bring you underlying disappointment and shame that can hold you back from what you’re truly capable of.

Let’s discover how to unlock your inner gifts, share them with the world, and find success on your terms. Being a full mogul is really about that. It’s about unlocking and unleashing your full potential. Listen with selfish years, glean those things that resonate with you and your personality because there’s so much noise out there, there’s so much content that you have to listen with selfish ears. Like I said, if you do that one thing, that one nuance, that one tool, that one tip that changes your life, your business, and the future for your generations.

Your Full Mogul Journey

The bottom line is you won’t be the same after today. You can’t be the same after today. How will you be different? Let’s find out. Let’s jump right into the five tips for starting your Full Mogul journey. I’d love to tell you that you made the right decision to go full mogul. It’s not even a decision. It’s more of an obligation to yourself. It was just a matter of time until you found this path, this community, and double down on the best version of yourself. As I stated, I have these Kofi-isms. I’m going to give you one more, and then I’m going to give you five tips. You have a responsibility during your lifetime to realize all of your God-given gifts and share them to the world.

FMKN 1 | Full Mogul

Full Mogul: You have a responsibility to realize all of your God-given gifts and share them with the world.


Let’s jump into the Full Mogul journey. Tip number one for starting your Full Mogul journey, set a vision for what the full mogul version of your life looks like. Set a vision for what you want it to be. At a certain stage of life, you have a good sense of what your gifts, talents, and passions are. They may grow and evolve over time, but you have a strong idea, a decent sense of self.

Then the question to ask yourself is, “If I realized all of my potential based on these gifts, talents, and passions, what would my life look like? How would I enjoy the fruits of my labor? How would it change my life, my family’s life, and generations to come?” The answer to this becomes your why. It’s the anchoring reminder of what you are working towards. When times get hard and tough, you can come right back to that anchor and remind yourself, “This is why I’m doing it.” Things will start to bounce off of you. Those challenges, those negative people start to bounce off of you.

Number two, identify your Full Mogul buckets. It’s important to remember that you can’t just go full mogul in one area of your life at the total expense of the other areas. What are the key areas that you’re working to realize your full potential in? Is it health, fitness, career, relationships, your marriages, your dating partners, your faith? We look at what those buckets are. Something that’s very important to remember, and you’re going to hear this a lot, we are working not to find balance because you hear that nonsense or that BS about work-life balance. I’m going to call BS on that. There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There’s no such thing. Things are never balanced across the board.

What you should be working towards is work-life peace. Let that sit in for a moment. Things are going to be chaotic and imbalanced, but if you’re at peace with where each bucket is, that’s when you’re winning. To give you a perfect example, for myself, I might have long work days where I work until 6:00, 7:00 at night, or sometimes I have to work on the weekend sporadically.

The peace comes in knowing that I’m still going to be at my kids’ soccer games. I might have to make a couple calls at halftime, but I’m still there. I’m at peace with what’s going on. I may not have an hour workout, but I’ve got a 45-minute workout, I’ve got time to get that in, and I get that done. It’s called my BTN workouts, Better Than Nothing. I’m at peace because I still check that box for that day. What are the buckets? Identify your buckets, and we’re going to talk about achieving work-life peace with those buckets.

Number three, determine your long-term goals and short-term milestones. This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Even with that, you want to attack your journey with small measurable steps. One of my personal mantras is focus and finish. It is to focus on the small steps that lead to your big goals. At the end, you have to commit to the journey, and not the outcome. The beauty is in the overall journey, but the wins along the way are also important, to notice, acknowledge, give gratitude for, and sometimes even celebrate because that’s part of the journey as well.


FMKN 1 | Full Mogul


Number four, write it out. If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist. Let’s put it a little differently. If it’s not on a list, it shouldn’t exist. For us entrepreneurs out there, for those of us who suffer from Shiny Object syndrome, I’m guilty of it. I’ll make my focus and finish list each day, I write it all out, I open my computer, and then I start doing something that’s not on the list. Half of it is about writing it out, but more importantly, staying focused on that list. It will keep you on track on what you’re supposed to do on a regular basis.

Even more so, it triggers your RAS or your Reticular Activating System. That way, when you know what you’re focused on, not just on your daily list, but in life, you have certain things that will be attracted to you. When you think of buying a new car and let’s call it the new Hummer EV, now I start to notice them when they’re on the road. That’s your Reticular Activating System, things that you notice because something has triggered that within you.

When you write out things, when you have a vision board, those will trigger things that now are important to you. It will also help you recognize things that aren’t important, that things that shouldn’t be on the list. Again, if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist. More importantly, if it’s not on the list, it shouldn’t exist. Always write it out.

Number five, last but probably most important, get started. You can’t wait for everything to be perfect because it never will be. Full disclosure, I came in this podcast room to record this podcast a week ago. I was trying to find my words. I didn’t have all my notes organized. I’ve got some notes, but I never write out speeches. It just didn’t go that well. I’m back in here today giving myself grace and giving myself the opportunity to move forward. Stumbling and talking too long, whatever it is, we’re getting started. We’re starting this journey together. This is where you guys come into play as part of the Full Mogul community. We are going to grow and learn and build together. Half of that is getting started.

I remember when I went to business school, I did my MBA at Pepperdine. It was a two-year program called the PKE Program at Pepperdine, the Presidential and Key Executive Program. It was an executive program like I mentioned, but an amazing program. We did all the traditional things, marketing, econ, finance. We had an international trip. It was amazing. The first four days of the program, we did things like mindful awareness, meditation, and yoga. The reason was this program was geared towards business owners or C-suite executives. They told us, “You’re never going to have perfect information at best for your company. You’re going to have 80% to 85% of the information that you need to make a decision. That last 15%, sometimes even 20%, is being able to sit still, trust your gut, and make a decision.”

FMKN 1 | Full Mogul

Full Mogul: Sit still, trust your gut, and make a decision.


Keep that in mind. Be ready to work from partial information, good information, more information, then no information, but be ready to start. A quick recap. Number one, set a vision for what your full mogul version of yourself looks like. What are those buckets that you’re looking to fill? Number two, identify your buckets. Number three, determine your long-term goals and short-term milestones. Make sure you’re celebrating those along the way, also learning from them along the way. Number four, write it out. If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist. Remember what I said, if it’s not on the list, it shouldn’t exist. Number five, get started. The fact that you’re reading this now means you have started.

That wraps it up for our first episode. There are going to be many more to come. We’re going to have some great guests coming up. We’re going to have some great conversations. I’m going to be sharing along the journey as well. I’m going to be sharing some of the real-time stuff on Instagram and Facebook. Follow me there. Let’s get connected there and comment. If this is helpful to you, if this is something that you want to hear more of, if you are saying, “Yes, sign me up for the Full Mogul community and journey,” hit me up on social media and on my website. You can go to FullMogul.com. You can also follow me on Instagram, @Kofi_Sellebrity. This is it, guys. Thanks for joining us. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep growing. Let’s build a Full Mogul style.


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