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Cadillac and Modern Luxury Feature Globl RED and Nartey Sports Foundation


Kofi Nartey, Founder and CEO of GLOBL RED Real Estate and Development, and Mimi Nartey, Director of Community and Philanthropy at GLOBL RED are the definition of a power couple. The duo seamlessly balances multiple facets of their lifestyles, from leading a thriving luxury real estate firm, to raising two children, to giving back to their community through the Nartey Sports Foundation, which supports pathways for underserved youth to experience the power of sports. “We want to allow people to participate in sports and have those benefits of teamwork, of resiliency, of self-efficacy, all of the things that we’ve extracted from sports that now we can apply to all other areas of our lives.” says Kofi.

The Foundation has supported causes as diverse as providing ballet interventions for juvenile detention centers to funding a collegiate scholarship to the first African American rodeo athlete at Fresno State. “Giving back is also a part of a larger purpose. “Both Kofi and I have fathers who are immigrants… and for them to come from another place, sacrifice so much and accomplish so much, and we really decided we also want to build upon the work that they have put in and build up the family legacy.” explains Mimi.

All of this success comes with considerable work, and the multi-functionality of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade fits perfectly into the busy lives of the Narteys, transitioning from dropping off the kids at school to high-level client meetings to sports practices. The cutting edge augmented reality navigation comes in handy as the family travels across Los Angeles, while the spaciousness of the interior and up to 121.0 cubic feet of cargo space is perfect for transporting equipment and gear for the whole family. As Mimi sums up, “The Cadillac Escalade is an SUV that can transition with us through all of these different identities throughout the day from mom to business person to philanthropist.”

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